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uchiha_fan [userpic]
100.002 Middles (Lee) - by uchiha-fan
by uchiha_fan (uchiha_fan)
at September 23rd, 2008 (05:24 pm)

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Title: 100.002 Middles - Lee
Author: uchiha-fan
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: Lee discovers a secret weapon - his abs.
Wordcount: 1,027
Disclaimer: Take a look at my Lee cosplay. Could you sue that face?
Claim Code: theuchihaclan1.

Lee didn't like mirrors. At, least he'd never liked them before. For most of his life, looking at himself only meant seeing that all the things that other children laughed at and teased him over – his round eyes, his unruly hair, his thick eyebrows – really were just as ridiculous as his peers said they were. Most of all, he had always hated seeing that, despite so much hard training, he was always a little pudgy around the middle. But, somehow, no amount of crunches could read Lee of his boyish tummy. At twelve, other kids his age were already trim, their muscles developing the first signs of definition. They were faster than Lee, stronger than Lee, and (though Lee told himself it didn't matter) more attractive than him, too. And, worse yet, none of them seemed to work at their rapidly-changing physiques – to even care about them, at all. When he became Gai's student, he broached the subject of his unwanted tummy very timidly, but Gai had kindly assured him that he'd had the very same problem and promised Lee that he would grow out of it, too. Gai-sensei took it so lightly - it made Lee feel even sillier for battling so fiercely with his stubborn baby-fat. He definitely hated his middle.

And so, for a long time, Lee took the mirror down off his closet door and put it away. Then, on the day before his fourteenth birthday, he dug it back out. Curiosity finally got the better of him that day, after Gai-sensei had idly remarked that Lee had been a late bloomer in many respects. Lee didn't want to get his hopes up, but he wondered if he might have changed, even a little. And so, he checked his door twice to make sure it was locked and dead-bolted, and checked both of his windows three-times to make sure they were shut, locked, and that the curtains were drawn tightly. He was tempted to staple them shut. When he felt secure enough, he stripped off his weights, his shoes, his bandages, his waistband, his Might Suit, and, after giving himself a brief pep-talk, his underwear fell to the floor, as well. He approached the mirror with his eyes closed, and stood there for what seemed like hours. Finally, he took a deep breath...and opened his eyes.

What he saw surprised him.

He started at the top, where he was pleased to find that his hair had lost it's irritating flip. His haircut suited him very well, and his hair was much sleeker and glossier than he remembered. His eyebrows used to bother him so much, but now he saw them in a whole new light – they were thick and masculine, just like Gai-sensei's, and he didn't feel the least bit self-conscious about them, or his round eyes, for that matter.

Lee didn't know when it had happened but, at some point in the last two years, the baby-fat had vanished. Suddenly, he found himself looking better – slimmer and more muscular – than anybody else he knew (besides his sensei, who's god-like physique Lee still aspired to attain). And his waist, once chubby and round and his most hated feature, was slender and (even Lee had to admit) pretty nicely sculpted. Six separate units of muscle stood out from his abdomen, and another two just above his groin were almost visible. He looked more like an adult – stronger, faster, more limber. Lee blushed deeply as another word came to mind: he was actually starting to look a little bit...sexy.

And sexy was something Lee had never considered himself. He didn't believe he had any potential whatsoever to be attractive, much less sexy.

Lee decided he liked his middle. Grinning, he redressed and opened his curtains to let in the sunshine, then left the house at a run, heading toward the training fields.

He ran into her as he was coming out of the trees, into the clearing set aside for training. Lee and Sakura both fell to the ground, each as surprised as the other and both sure they were at fault. They apologized simultaneously, and then fell awkwardly silent. Gai watched the incident from the field, only about twenty meters away. He prayed silently for his student not to make an idiot of himself. He felt like he should shout something encouraging at Lee, but quickly thought better of it.

Now, on any other day, Lee would have become a nervous wreck and attempted to help Sakura up, only to find his hands slick with sweat and hardly suitable for extending toward the most beautiful girl in the world.

But today was different.

Lee would make sure it was.

It was time he took an offensive stance. As he got up off the ground, he subtly flexed his newly-discovered abdomen, just enough to catch Sakura's eye.

It worked.

He had confidently extended a warm, dry hand toward his crush, but she hadn't noticed yet. She was looking at him, her eyes every millimeter as wide as his.

Sakura was looking at Lee, specifically at the well-defined middle his Might Suit tastefully showcased. And Lee...well, Lee couldn't really blame her. He went for it.

“Let me take you to lunch.”

Finally Sakura looked up and took Lee's hand, embarrassed that she'd gotten so distracted, especially since she'd been staring so obviously at him. Recovering a little, she smiled up at him. For the first time, Lee thought she seemed shy. “I'd like that.”

Lee gasped, a disappointing realization settling in his gut. “I completely forgot that I'm supposed to be training...”

“Ow! Gosh darn it!” Gai got his student's attention with his dramatic yell. “Golly, Lee, I believe I just hurt my...Achilles tendon! Oh, yeah, I should probably stay off that for today. Lee, I hate to have to tell you this, but,” Sakura didn't see the big wink and twinkling smile that Gai gave his student, “I'm gonna have to cancel training today.”

Lee couldn't help but smile a little. “That is too bad, Gain-sensei.”